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COVID19 Safety Guidelines

Mt.Fuji Explorers are making sure to take the proper safety precautions under the current COVID-19 situation.
Please familiarize yourself with our procedures. See how we practice safe touring!

⚫︎We may check your temperature before the tour. If you have a high fever, you will
not be able to participate in the tour.

⚫︎All persons attending a tour must wear a mask or a face covering.

⚫︎Each participant will be required to maintain physical distance from others;
a minimum of 1 meter (approx 3 feet), ideally 2 metres(approx 6.5 feet), at all times.

⚫︎During our tours there will be no sharing of food and drink.

⚫︎Please let our staff know immediately if you feel unwell during your tour.

⚫︎Any participants who report having any of the symptoms below will not be
permitted to participate in the tours.

・Fever or chills
・Sore throat
・Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
・Feeling unusually weak or fatigued
・New loss of taste or smell
・Muscle pain
・Runny or congested nose

Mt.Fuji Explorers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone person(s) who are not adhering to the above Safety Plan.