Mt.Fuji Explorers


Fuel your soul with exploration
Don’t be a tourist, Be a explorer.

The tours offered by Mt. Fuji Explorers
are distinct from the conventional travel
experiences where famous sightseeing
spots were simply visited.
We provide visitors with exceptional
experiences that allow them to feel the
colors, atmosphere, and diversity of the
land at the foot of Mt. Fuji,
and connect with the local culture on a
deeper level. Our aim is to produce tours
in which the adventures atthe foot of
Mt. Fuji will enrich the hearts of our
customers, broaden their horizons and
provide them with new inspirations.Let
us be your passport to the Mt.Fuji

The Tour Destinations

Lake Yamanakako Area

A plateau resort located at an elevation of around 1,000 meters, offering a dynamic view of Mt. Fuji that extends in an amazingly close distance. A luxurious stay like no other, surrounded by the clear air and nature of the highland. Lakeside cycling and hikes will complete your unique and adventurous experience.


Oshino Village Area

City of Water with multiple springs of clear and pure water of Mt. Fuji. You will find traditional houses of the countryside, and get a glimpse of the life of locals living with the nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The spring water is perfect for making tofu and growing soba noodles, and is known as the specialty of Oshinomura.


Fujiyoshida City Area

The town of Fujiyoshida has long been the gateway to Mt. Fuji and is a city of history and culture with shrines associated with “Mt. Fuji faith” and other historic sites. The town also holds a nostalgic mood with old downtown landscape of the countryside. The textile industry of this town has been respected by many domestic and international brands.


Lake Kawaguchiko & Lake Saiko Area

Lake Kawaguchi is one of the most popular tourist sites in the area, and the breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji from the lake is simply spectacular. Next to Lake Kawaguchi is Lake Sai, a quiet and relaxing outdoor destination surrounded by forests and mountains.


Mt.Fuji Yoshida Trail

The only trail of Mt. Fuji with stone monuments and historic sites of Mt. Fuji faith still remaining. Since long ago, it was used as a religious trail that leads to the mountain top. On this trail, you will encounter beautiful trees and wild birds that are native to Mt. Fuji.


Aokigahara Forest Area

A forest born from lava-covered land after the great eruption of Mt. Fuji that took place about 1200 years ago. Surrounded by mossy trees and feeling the mysterious sunlight, while listening to the sound of the forest bring a pleasant time away from the stress of life.


Lake Motosuko Area

Lake Motosu is known for its clear transparent water. The blue color created from its water depth of 130 meters is so beautiful that it was named the “Lake Motosu Blue”. The scenery of Mt. Fuji illustrated on the 1000 yen bill and the view of “Pearl Fuji” (as in the jewel) where the sun rises on top of Mt. Fuji, are exclusive privileges here.


About Mt.Fuji Explorers

Mt.Fuji Explorers is a small family-run boutique tour operator offering authentic experiences that allow you to feel the colors, atmosphere, and diversity of the land at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and connect with the local culture on a deeper level. Our goal is to enrich the hearts of our customers, broaden their horizons and provide them with new inspirations through the tours.

Shunji Oyamada

Founder / Guide

He was born and raised in the rich natural environment at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and nature had always been his playground. After graduating from university, he joined a major trading company in Tokyo and began his dream life in the city. However, after a while, he became exhausted by the consumerist lifestyle and the urban atmosphere. One day, during a visit to his hometown at the foot of Mt. Fuji, he saw the beautiful natural surroundings and was reminded of the beauty of the place where he grew up. This experience prompted him to put an end to his urban life and restart his career at the foot of Mt. Fuji. After working for the local tourist association and taking on roles in event planning and public relations, he founded "Mt. Fuji Explorers" in 2020.

Qualifications as a professional guide

  • National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English/No.EN00069)
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA/40hrs) Certification
  • Japan Cycle Tourism Association Certified Cycling Tour Guide
  • Japan Forest Therapy Society Guide Certification
  • The National Examination for certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor
  • Mt.Fuji World Heritage Site Guide Master Certification

Megumi Oyamada

Business Manager / Assistant Guide

She was born in Fujiyoshida, a town at the foot of Mt. Fuji. She got a post in a bank after graduating college, but as her will to live overseas grew stronger, she decided to go to Canada and Korea to learn the languages there. Afterwards, she became a ground staff at the airport, but this time quit and moved to Malaysia alone, where she worked for three years at a luxury resort hotel. After returning to Japan, she leverages his language skills and works as a tourist guide for her hometown, Fujiyoshida.




How do I sign up for the tour?
Please sign up through the reservation form found in the tour details.
Can you put me on the waiting list if my preferred dates are full?
Yes, we can. We will contact you when there is a cancellation. Please email us your 1) name and 2) preferred date.
Are the tours conducted privately or in groups?
All of our tours are completely private. Tours will be flexible so that you can relax and enjoy freely during the tour.
What happens if I come late to the meeting place?
When you are running late, please call us by phone or send us a direct message on our social media. As our tours are private, we will try our best to be flexible with delays. However, if we do not hear from you by 30 minutes passed the starting time, we will automatically cancel your reservation. Please note that in such cases, you will be charged 100% of the tour price as per our cancellation policy.
What happens to the tour when it rains?
Tours will basically be held on rainy days. However, in the event of heavy rain or wind due to storms or typhoons, we will determine by 12 hours before the tour whether or not to cancel the tour. In such cases, we will contact you directly to the provided contact information or to your accommodation facility. If we decide to cancel the tour, you will not be charge any cancellation fee.
What is E-Bike?
E-Bike is a sport-type bicycle similar to cross bike but with an electric assist. It provides power as you pedal, assisting you to run easily on slopes. The electric assist will allow couples and families with different physical strength to enjoy cycling together. Anyone who can ride a bicycle can ride the E-bike. E-bike is the perfect item for a long cycling trip.
What type of E-Bike do you have for the E-Bike Tour?
E-Bike called "Verve +" from Trek.
Trek is one of the world's leading manufacturers of bicycles and leads the industry with its E-Bike technology and lineup. Trek's E-Bike's assist motor uses the BOSH drive unit from Germany, ensuring high quality and safety.
Can children participate in the tour?
Yes, children can participate. We will be there to support you for your exciting family experience, but before making a reservation, please check the tour details (distance, time, etc.) carefully and make sure that your child has no physical problems.
We have different size E-bikes and the smallest size is for a height of 145 cm.
*As we have a limited number and sizes of e-bikes, we will be asking for the height of all participants in advance to prepare the right E-bikes on the tour day.
How do I cancel the tour?
The person who made the reservation must contact by email. Please refer to our cancellation policy for details.
What if I have an illness or injury currently under treatment?
Please consult your physician regarding your participation.
I am not so confident with my physical strength. Can I still join the tour?
The E-bike tour does not require physical strength to join. Hiking tours are recommended for those who are physically active or regularly exercising, but all tours will be conducted with the support of a guide and consideration for different conditions.
What should we wear for the tour?
For E-bike tours and hiking tours, we recommend wearing "quick-drying" shirts regardless of the season. Sportswear with "Moisture-wicking & Quick-drying function (material that absorbs sweat and quickly evaporates)" made of chemical fiber such as polyester is suggested.
Also, please layer clothes you feel comfortable in, so you can take off when hot and put on when it gets cold.
In autumn and winter, windbreakers and windproof outerwear, gloves and caps would help. Rain wear is necessary to protect yourself from the rain. Water repellent shoes and gloves are also good to have. Rainwear and waterproof items can be rented locally for a fee. Please contact us by the tour date.
Can we check-in our personal belongings?
We cannot accept large suitcases, but we can store regular-size luggage at the meeting place.
Can I participate in the tour alone?
You are totally welcome to join alone.
Can we rent E-bikes?
Unfortunately, rental E-bike is not available.
Can we go to the restroom during the tour?
We will take restroom breaks during the tour. Please note that some restrooms have traditional Japanese style toilets.