e-Bike Private Guided Tour – Oshino Village to Lake Yamanakako

Our half-day e-bike explorer tour is a fun-filled journey across the plateaus of Oshino and Yamanakako village. This privately guided tour is ideally suited for those who prefer a relaxed way of experiencing the beauty of the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Join us for an incredible adventure through some of the most stunning landscapes this region has to offer.

Overview 概要

14,000 yen / person
6 hours
Start time:
March to December
Number of participants:
1 person(min) to 4 people(max)
Easy / Moderate
Departure and Return:
Fujiyoshida Roadside Station (Michino Eki Fujiyoshida in Japanese)
E-Bike included:
Trek Verve+ (E-Bike)

Highlights ハイライト


Explore companion, Trek E-Bike

The e-bikes "Verve+" used on this tour are the latest from TREK. This electric hybrid bike is super comfortable and simple to use, so you can easily ride quicker and farther than ever before.


Discover the local landscape

First stop of the day, Oshino Village, city of Water with multiple springs of clear and pure water of Mt. Fuji. In the area, you will find traditional houses of the countryside, and get a glimpse of the life of locals living with the nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji.


Going along a peaceful river

Cycling along a peaceful, slow-moving river, you can feel the serenity of the nature.


Magnificent view over the field

Riding through the open-wided countryside with a great view is a special experience!


Lake Yamanaka, a beautiful lake in the highlands

At Lake Yamanakako we cycle around the lake appreciating a dynamic view of Mt. Fuji that extends in an amazingly close distance.


The view of the plateau is all to yourself

To complete our adventure we pedal up to Mikuni hill where you can have the view of Mt.Fuji & the lake all to yourself.

Itinerary スケジュール

Meeting & Introduction Guidance The guide will explain the tour's itinerary and precautions, as well as how to ride and adjust your e-bike.

Oshino Hakkai and the surrounding townscape Explore the famous Oshino-Hakkai(the eight ponds fed by snow melt from Mt. Fuji) and the surrounding tranquil village and nature that have not been turned into a tourist attraction.

Tasting Tofu the local speciality On the way across the village we take a short break at Kadoya, a long-established Tofu shop where we can enjoy the local speciality, Tofu made with the pure water Mt.Fuji.

Uchino area in Oshino village Following our Tofu break, we will reach a vast field with a large unobstructed view of Mount Fuji. Let's have the wonderful scenery from here all to ourselves for a while.

Hanano Miyako Park Passing by the forest tunnel road called Pure Forest of Harimomi and making our way into Yamanakako Village to visit Hanano Miyako Garden. From the garden, if the timing is right, you can take some great photos of the beautiful flowers and towering Mt.Fuji in front of you.

Lake Yamanaka-ko At Lake Yamanakako we cycle around the lake appreciating a dynamic view of Mt. Fuji that extends in an amazingly close distance.

Lunch at Hoto restaurant Enjoy a noodle dish called Hoto, a local specialty, thick-cutted noodle and lots of seasonal and local vegetables are simmered in a miso-based soup. You will feel the warmth of the land in one rich and tasteful dish. ※There are other dish options such as tempura bowl.

Panorama-Dai Viewpoint at Mikuni Hill Pass We pedal up to the hill,the highlight of this tour adventure where you can see the whole view of Lake Yamanaka. We'll have a coffee and tea break here while taking in the view.

Heading back On the way back, we will also make a half-circle around Lake Yamanaka, and then go back to the same place

Arrived at our first point of departure. This tour ends when we return to the Roadside station Fujiyoshida( Michi no Eki Fujiyoshida)

Meeting Point 集合場所

You’ll find us in front of "mont-bell" at the parking lot. Please be sure to be here at meeting time.

1936-6,Araya, Fujiyoshida city , Yamanashi
Parking ::
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What’s Included ツアー料金に含まれるもの

○ Included

  • English speaking guide
  • Rental Electric Bicycle (Trek Verve+)
  • Use of helmet
  • Insurance(public damage liability insurance)
  • Local tax

× Not included

  • Pick up and Drop off at your hotel
  • Lunch charge
  • Gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Water bottle
  • Gratuity
  • Support car

What-To-Bring 必要な持ち物など

  • A jacket and gloves to keep you warm during the autumn and winter season
  • Loose fitting, comfortable clothes or sportswear, appropriate closed toe footwear.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for protection from the sun.
  • A day backpack, camera, some cash, extra water and a snack
  • ※Padded Cycling shorts are not a requirement but can be brought along if you own a pair in order to save your backside.

Important Information & Tips その他重要情報・アドバイス

  • Up to 4 people per reservation
  • Participants MUST be able to ride a bicycle
  • Not recommended for those who haven’t cycled for a long time
  • The minimum height is 150cm / Maximum height is 190cm
  • Small luggage can be stored in the our car during the tour
  • The basket is not attached to the e-bike
  • The e-bike (electrically assisted bicycle) is a bicycle that provides assistance to the rider's leg power with electric power when pedaling. The assistance continues not only during "starting" and "uphill" situations, but also during "normal riding" and even when facing against the wind. Please understand that it is different from a bike that runs solely on electric power without pedaling.
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